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Infinite Intersections

Solo show at David Kaye Gallery, Toronto

October 29 - November 22, 2015

Infinite Intersections explores the underlying key and recurring theme of my life’s work in search for connections.


Inspired by old handwriting, carved and etched scripts from around the world, this body of work is based upon an adaptation of early signs and symbols. I am intrigued by the way thoughts and ideas are expressed through mark making. Taking an intuitive approach, by playing with text as well as symbols and pattern, the work can be seen as multi-level pictograms. Codes from various time periods and cultures overlap in juxtaposition to each other and move toward abstraction.


Infinite Intersections could be interpreted as pictorial shorthand of how we record and express ideas. The intention is not to arrive at a literal meaning but to have a visual experience. What started as a curiosity of some old text has led into abstraction resulting in quite meditative pieces. I am almost hypnotized when studying scripts. Following the curves of the line, attempting to mimic the movement of the hand and the body like composing music, there is a rhythm to the form and pattern. The exhibition contains prints, mixed-media, small sculpture and etched metal pieces. - Loree Ovens

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