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A group exhibition featuring works by:

Eva Ennist, Chung-Im Kim, Judy Martin, Liz Menard, Loree Ovens and Saskia Wassing

Organized by Loree Ovens

September 14 - October 2, 2022 at Propeller Gallery, Toronto


Evolve is a glimpse into the world of six resilient female artists who continue to show ingenuity and strength through their creative practice. To evolve is to constantly learn, adapt and take on challenges. Resolutions are found, perfected and the evolution continues.

During the pandemic I began painting a new body of work combining my need to be surrounded in nature and healthy environments. Inspired by lush gardens, folk art and remote ‘travels’ through books and digital media, I find the process of creating my imaginary foliage paintings enjoyable and meditative. I have used washi in my work for over twenty-five years and it never fails to inspire me. - Loree Ovens

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